• Used in temperature ranges from -328° F to +257° F including ammonia refrigeration, halo-carbon refrigeration, chilled water, brine, domestic cold and hot water, hot water heating, solar water heating, and low-pressure steam
  • Crush-resistant pipe-hanger insert that safeguards the integrity of the insulation from crushing
  • The only UV and moisture-resistant elastomer tube insulation available
  • Hermetically seals against the environment (moisture penetration) to prevent call-backs and conserve energy
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    Aerofix-U® is a patented, closed-cell, lightweight polymeric rigid, high-compressive strength foam insulating pipe support, that is lined with closed-cell EPDM foam rubber, and encased in a zero-perm, weather-proof, corrosion-proof, EPDM polymer membrane with a high-performance pressure-sensitive closure system.