G.I.S., Inc. is a distributor and fabricator of thermal and acoustical insulation systems for industrial, commercial, power, process, original equipment manufactures, plumbing and HVAC industries. In today's fast paced market, consumers have a multitude of perceived equal choices to make with regards to where and when to purchase. That is why you need an industry leader like G.I.S.as a reliable source for all your insulation needs. We have aligned ourselves with the most respected manufacturers in the industry. Through our partnerships, combining industry knowledge and manufacturing expertise we can bring you the most up-to-date and technologically advanced solutions available.

About The President

Dave Giuliani is the current President and co-owner of GIS. He has been with the company in various positions for 35 years continuously. He currently is in charge and oversees all inside sales, purchasing, vendor relations, credit and collections, as well as providing a high level of competent and timely customer support to the local and regional construction industry. Dave believes in the adage that some old fashioned ideas never go out of style. Dave’s dedication and commitment to our customer base ensures manufacturers, insulation contractors, sheet metal shops and plumbing supply houses are treated with timely and accurate quotations, deliveries and invoicing. Dave believes that the focus of GIS needs to be on our customers, and playing a significant part in their success and profitability. It all starts with competent and dependable product knowledge, a cohesive work force, and a reliable supply chain of exceptional products that are competitively priced to the end users. Dave knows that GIS has the correct stock quantities of both commodity and custom fabricated insulation to outperform our local and regional distribution competitors. If you need insulation for piping or sheet metal, OEM applications or refrigeration components, Dave will ensure your expectations will be exceeded on both large and small projects.

About The Vice President

Jack Hartzell has been with G.I.S. for 28 years, and has involved himself with every aspect of the business over that time span. He is currently the Vice President and Treasurer of G.I.S. Inside sales, outside sales, purchasing, securing new customers and retaining long time accounts are a few highlighted areas of effort every day. Jack has a keen interest in maintaining the company’s financial stability, negotiating and maintaining our presence with our vendors, and setting a high standard of customer service and quick response times regarding quotes/orders to our customer base. G.I.S. takes pride in delivering the level of customer service OEM manufacturers, insulation contractors and Plumbing and HVAC contractors come to expect in a competitive and challenging market environment in our region. Whether you found us by word of mouth or on the internet, G.I.S. can handle your local or national industrial/commercial insulation requirements in a professional and ethical manner. Our base of operations in Pittsburgh allows us to reach 70% of the US in 1-2 days shipping time. G.I.S. invites you to utilize our market experience since 1977 to exceed your expectations.


G.I.S. is an insulation and fabrication supply warehouse that can secure and keep our customer base. G.I.S. strives to set and maintain the most competent level of customer service in Western Pennsylvania. G.I.S's customer base is the purpose of our work, and we strive to conduct ourselves and marketing efforts in a professional manor. G.I.S. is a wholesale distributor, and does not compete with our contractor customers. We also understand the importance of seasoned and competent inside sales personel. Purchasing agents time is limited, and getting shipments correct and on time to job sites comes with experienced G.I.S. sales personel. G.I.S. has one branch that serves the regional states of PA, OH, WV, MD, and beyond!